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#Smallville. Twitter. Friday.

We're at it again! In honor of Pandora, the last episode of 2009, we're going to try to get "Smallville" into the trending topics on Twitter. Here's how you can help:

  • Include the hashtag #Smallville in all of your tweets
  • Tweet #Smallville as often as possible (every minute, if possible)
  • Start tweeting #Smallville frequently around 3/2c PM
  • Do not include #Smallville more than once per tweet (Twitter will count it as spam)
  • Twitter doesn't allow exact duplicate tweets, so change up your tweet a bit after every tweet
  • If you're worried about flooding your followers' feeds, just create a new Twitter account to tweet from (but make sure it's tied to a legitimate e-mail address)

That's all there is to it! If you've got a Twitter account, join us all Friday afternoon! If you don't have a Twitter account, now is the perfect time to join.

Finally, follow @sv_awareness for updates on the trending topic status!
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Man's Journal Gets Makeover

I only had my last one for over a month, but I was getting tired of it.

This time I was going for an old-school, hard-nosed newspaper feel. It's really simple and basic and easy to read, and kind of reminds me of the New York Times/The Daily Planet. The only downside is there are no icons (yours or mine) visible anywhere. I love everyone's icons, but I'm going to try and live without them until my next layout change. :)

And there's also no tags, mood themes, locations, or music options. I sure am sacrificing a lot for this layout. :\

Layout by unoriginal courtesy of mintyapple.

ETA: Fuck it. I'll make my own options! :D

mood: cheerful
location: home
music: athlete - "street map"
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I am alive.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys. Rest assured I've been reading everyone's entries! I'll try to get something of substance on here tomorrow. :)
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    The Fray - "You Found Me"
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Instant messengers?

Just wondering... does anyone on my flist use instant messengers? MSN/Windows Live? AIM? If you do, drop me a line with your address/screenname! :)
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