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graham tracey
if swallowed, do not induce vomiting.

We're at it again! In honor of Pandora, the last episode of 2009, we're going to try to get "Smallville" into the trending topics on Twitter. Here's how you can help:

  • Include the hashtag #Smallville in all of your tweets
  • Tweet #Smallville as often as possible (every minute, if possible)
  • Start tweeting #Smallville frequently around 3/2c PM
  • Do not include #Smallville more than once per tweet (Twitter will count it as spam)
  • Twitter doesn't allow exact duplicate tweets, so change up your tweet a bit after every tweet
  • If you're worried about flooding your followers' feeds, just create a new Twitter account to tweet from (but make sure it's tied to a legitimate e-mail address)

That's all there is to it! If you've got a Twitter account, join us all Friday afternoon! If you don't have a Twitter account, now is the perfect time to join.

Finally, follow @sv_awareness for updates on the trending topic status!
ck flare
I only had my last one for over a month, but I was getting tired of it.

This time I was going for an old-school, hard-nosed newspaper feel. It's really simple and basic and easy to read, and kind of reminds me of the New York Times/The Daily Planet. The only downside is there are no icons (yours or mine) visible anywhere. I love everyone's icons, but I'm going to try and live without them until my next layout change. :)

And there's also no tags, mood themes, locations, or music options. I sure am sacrificing a lot for this layout. :\

Layout by unoriginal courtesy of mintyapple.

ETA: Fuck it. I'll make my own options! :D

mood: cheerful
location: home
music: athlete - "street map"
ck flare
12.09.2008 - I am alive.
Sorry I haven't updated in a while guys. Rest assured I've been reading everyone's entries! I'll try to get something of substance on here tomorrow. :)
ck flare
11.14.2008 - What do you see?
This is an undoctored screencap from Bloodline.

Look at everything except for Kara. What do you see? :)

clois dp
It seems like I keep skipping over odd-numbered episode reviews. It's totally unintentional, because I really loved Committed and Identity. Oh well. Onto the Bloodline review!

'No one's going to mess with Lois and Clark.'Collapse )
clois pz
11.05.2008 - Instant messengers?
Just wondering... does anyone on my flist use instant messengers? MSN/Windows Live? AIM? If you do, drop me a line with your address/screenname! :)
ck flare
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